Prodigy BaseGrip M Model US

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These Prodigy discs will be available for purchase at 12:00 AM EST (Midnight) on 12/15/2020.  For now, feel free to browse the pictures to find your perfect disc.

The Prodigy Disc M Model US is a great fit for any bag because of its reliability. Thrown flat, the M Model US will ride gently to the right before having a mild finish. It will also hold an turnover angle for a long time before finishing nice and flat. Spend some time tossing this disc at different angles and you can find a dead straight flight and beautiful turnovers in the same disc, making it a great midrange for players of any skill level.

Flight Numbers: 4, 5, -1, 1

Prodigy's BaseGrip plastic offers a tactile feel for a sure grip every time you reach for it. It finds a great balance between stiffness and the ability to wear-in to perfection. BaseGrip plastic provides a cost-effective option without sacrificing on quality and performance in all weather conditions.

Disclaimer stuff - We try to name the colors and take the best picture possible to give you an idea but we're not perfect, so stamp and disc color will vary.