Innova Star I-Dye Roc+ USDGC Bottom Stamp (Ring of Rocs)

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The Roc+ is an all around great midrange disc. If you head out for a round of disc golf with only one disc, this would be a great option. With a relatively low speed it can be used as a putter, but with fantastic glide and steady fade it can also be hurled for some decent distance.

Flight Numbers: 4, 5, 0, 2

Innova's Star plastic is grippy, and durable. Whether you call it tie dye, tie die, dyed, or something else, with Innova's unique I-Dye discs, each disc has a unique dye pattern.

Disclaimer stuff - We try to name the colors and take the best picture possible to give you an idea but we're not perfect, so stamp and disc color will vary.