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FREE standard shipping on most orders of $50 or more

Elevation OG Rubber Koi 3rd Run

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Elevation Disc Golf's first putter, the Koi is a straight to under-stable putt and approach disc that will hold every line you put it on, and their floppy rubber material will ensure it stops on a dime and melts into the chains.

Flight Numbers: 3, 4, -1, 0

Elevation's OG Rubber discs are made from high-grade, rubber polymer. Similar to materials used on car tires, shoe soles, and airbags, their discs are intended to last years without losing their quality of flight or shape. Elevation's discs are floppy with a purpose. A floppy disc absorbs energy on impact, limiting ricochet, roll, and skip.

Disclaimer stuff - We try to name the colors and take the best picture possible to give you an idea but we're not perfect, so stamp and disc color will vary.