Innova Disc Golf

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Innova is offically the oldest in the game. In 1983, Dave Dunipace create the world's first disc designed specifically for the world of disc golf - the Eagle. For a bit of nostalgia and style check out Innova's I-dye collection of tie-dyed beauties. The Polecat, Birdie, and Sonic (which Garrett Gurthie is notorious for throwing) are PDGA-legal disc golf discs designed much like traditional catch discs, inspired by the good ol' days. Age hasn't slowed Innova down, they continue to stay on the forefront of technological advances with overmold options such as the Atlas and Nova, and their super lightweight Blizzard plastic. They also manufacture discs for other companies such as Discmania. Innova continues to lead the way in variety, and you are sure to find some solid selections for your bag whether you are new to the game or have been around from the beginning. Try a starter set for a sampling of what Innova has to offer.
Innova was the first to develop the 4-number Flight Rating system for discs. See Innova's explanation of What Do The Numbers Mean? 
Innova's flight chart for distance and fairway drivers can be found here.
Innova's flight chart for midrange, putters and approach discs can be found here.