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FREE standard shipping on most orders of $50 or more
The Innova Alien Has Landed! 👽🛸

The Innova Alien Has Landed! 👽🛸

Unique new release from Innova! The Alien is like no other disc on the market. Unique in both look and feel, its top resembles a Sonic, its rim is like a mid-range. Its flight is surprisingly stable, maybe a tad overstable. The Alien thrives in a universe of spin putts, approach shots, and short-range drives. Flight Numbers: 4 | 2 | 0 | 1. 

 Nexus Alien

Nexus is a grippy, durable blend of plastics ideally suited for approaches where exactness of feel is a must. The Nexus Alien will be your go to for touch shots onto tricky greens.



 The soft, grippy blend grabs chains and makes for easy, clean releases. Because you are using it at short ranges, the disc will wear in slowly even with the lesser durability of DX.
The Star Alien is the most durable and therefore the best plastic choice for short-range drives. It will hold its initial flight characteristics throw after throw.
We also have a limited amount of Collectible First Run Star Aliens. Get yours before they beam back to the mothership. 
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