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FREE standard shipping on most orders of $50 or more
Skybreed Discs - Ledgestone Wave 3 and Other July Updates

Skybreed Discs - Ledgestone Wave 3 and Other July Updates

The Buzzzz...Discraft Ledgestone Wave 3 and Other Inventory Updates

Wave 3 is here! As items are listed they will show sold out until they are officially available on Wednesday July 22nd at 11:00am EST. We can't wait to get our grip on limited runs of Color Shift, ESP, ESP GLO, CryZtal, CT, and Titanium Swirly-ness!
You asked for it! We are adding Streamline and Kastaplast to our lineup, so keep an eye out for those. We have never seen any disc glow quite like the K1 Glow Berg, and MVP Discs continue to WOW us with their stunning Streamline creations. If you are impressed by the visual appeal of MVP/Axiom but do not always need the overmold technology, then Streamline is exactly what you are looking for. 
In the meantime, we are working to upload several restocks of Innova, Dynamic, Latitude, West Side, MVP, Axiom, Prodigy, and Legacy, and patiently awaiting more Discraft and Discmania restocks.
Manufacturers continue to experience inventory and shipping delays, and some popular items sell out as soon as they hit the website before we can even post to Instagram or Facebook (if you haven't heard, this Paul McBeth guy is kind of a big deal), so be sure to keep checking back! We appreciate your patience. We are so grateful for a very busy year, and so many new players out there!

The Future of Tournament Payouts is Here!

This year we worked with website developers to create a touchless, online platform in order to safely provide tournament payouts. If we knew how much it meant to players to be able to stack payouts, we would have done it much sooner! Now, not only can you choose from our entire online inventory for payout selection, but you can 'stack' payouts in the form of store credit and redeem it for even larger items over time. Or just save it up for a rainy day (go ahead and throw over the water)! This option also lets you skip the line and redeem your winnings on your own time. We don't even have to be on site, so you can cash in on our inventory even if we are several states away or booked with another event that day. Winning! To learn more or secure payouts for your event, contact us at

The 2020 Firefly Open Presented by Skybreed Discs

Thank you to everyone who came to the 2020 Firefly open and made our first event on the new extended course layout a huge success. We had a great time, and got to spread out and enjoy a great fireworks show - a rarity this year! 

Theo LaBella, enjoying the fireworks.

Are Indiana locals Nelson Cano and Kevin Cook even playing? To be fair, they are probably waiting on our Inventory Manager Jason Reece to take his tee shot...

Bloomington, Indiana area Paul O'Conner sizing up a putt. I'm guessing he made it seeing how he took second place in MPO!

Players from all over endured one of the hottest days of the year year to join in the fun!

Nothing but love for two of our favorite area TDs, Justin Taylor and Jason LaBella. Are they talking to each other!?





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Skybreed Discs - July 22, 2020

Correction – Ledgestone Wave 3 goes live at 11:00am EST, not 09:00am EST.

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