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FREE standard shipping on most orders of $50 or more
Simon Lizotte Fission Proxy, Thought Space Glow Mana, More From MVP, Trilogy, and Discmania!

Simon Lizotte Fission Proxy, Thought Space Glow Mana, More From MVP, Trilogy, and Discmania!

The past week or so has been full of new releases, including MVP/Axiom/Streamline, Thought Space Athletics, Trilogy, and Discmania.

Some highlights: Simon Lizotte scores a win worth celebrating, Axiom and Streamline bring us some highly-anticipated special editions, Thought Space Athletics continues to wow us with their spectacular artwork, Trilogy adds some exciting new molds to the Moonshine lineup, and Discmania continues to reinvent their Originals line.

Look for restocks on more favorites as well as ongoing markdowns throughout the site to the lowest prices we can advertise. 👀________________________________________________________________New from MVP/Axiom/Streamline

Axiom Fission Proxy Simon Lizotte Music City Open 2023 Champion

 What better way to celebrate Simon’s first DGPT Elite Series win with MVP than with the first ever run of the Fission Proxy? With a magical back 9, finishing on 8 straight birdies, Simon shredded the course and delivered a win for the ages - tying the record for most Chase Card wins ever too! It was a truly spectacular win, more than worthy of a special disc to commemorate it with. Support and celebrate Simon’s amazing win with the first run of Fission Proxy - when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Axiom Fission Fireball Special Edition

A Mike Inscho original, the Fission Fireball SE brings the fire to your fairway game! The Fission Fireball SE is a perfect match of art and disc - with the red shatter holo foil flame effect capping off the already excellent art. No collection of Fireballs will be complete without this jaw-dropping SE, and it’ll look equally as amazing carving up fairways and ignoring the wind out on the course. Grab this pure fire before it’s gone!

Streamline Neutron Echo Special Edition

Brought to you from the incomparable DoubleRam Design, the Streamline Neutron Echo SE is timelessly stylish! Representing an echo itself, this stamp almost has a pseudo-3D vibe that is quite eye-catching. Spin this one on your finger and try not to get hypnotized! The Neutron Echo SE will reliably shape straight and turnover lines with ease, all while looking amazing spinning down the fairway. Mesmerize the competition with a Neutron Echo SE today!
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Thought Space Glow Mana
New from Trilogy
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New From Discmania
Discmania C-Line CD1
CD1 is back with a reinvented name in the new and improved C-Line plastic. Formerly known as CD2, Discmania has brought the mold back to the spotlight based on popular demand. “CD” stands for Control Driver, putting the player in the driver’s seat and allowing you full control to manipulate and style the disc exactly how you want it to. CD1 makes for a great first distance driver for less powerful or skilled players and an incredibly useful disc for experts, too. Those with a bit more arm speed will find that this disc often will compete for distance with even their fastest drivers, yet the execution feels more effortless and controlled. CD1 handles just about any wind condition with ease but is most well suited for tailwinds and calmer weather. Players will notice that the CD1 has the tendency to fly similarly to a well seasoned PD, giving you the right amount of glide and shot shaping options but will always maintain enough stability to end with a smooth low speed fade in the end. If you only had one disc to play a round with, this disc would be an excellent choice. Good for: Backhand, forehand, tailwind, calm weather, amateur distance driver, expert fairway/distance driver, sneaky sneaky bombs. Compares to: Longer FD, well-seasoned PD
Some Hot Discmania Restocks
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