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Top 10 Best Disc Golf Gift Ideas For 2021

Top 10 Best Disc Golf Gift Ideas For 2021

Top 10 Best Disc Golf Gift Ideas For 2021

Disc Golf has gained a lot of popularity, and its trend as the fastest growing sport is only getting started. Are you wondering what to get the disc golfer on your list? We have the scoop on the best disc golf gift ideas for 2021. Here are our top picks for any budget, from beginner players to advanced.


Starter sets are great for players new to the game of disc golf, and for seasoned players looking to try out a new brand. Starter sets are 3-disc sets containing a distance driver, a midrange driver, and a putt and approach disc. The exclusive Skybreed Discs 3-Disc Value Starter Set is a great value and offers a unique mix of discs hand-selected by our knowledgeable staff from our extensive variety of manufacturers. For an all-inclusive set we have the Zakk Pakk, named after one of our creative folks who put this gem together. This set has everything a player needs to get started, including a premium 3-disc starter set, starter bag, towel, and mini marker disc.


Mystery boxes take the guesswork out of gift giving, and are a hit with all disc golfers, from beginners to die-hards, and everyone in between. Get a variety of discs and/or other gear great for throwing, collecting, displaying, or trading with friends. The Skybreed Discs Premium 8-Pack Mystery Box is the most bang for your buck in terms of value. For a budget pick the Value 3-Pack Mystery Box is a great deal on a stack of discs at a lower price. Each box is guaranteed to have a mix of discs and other goodies with a value that is greater than the price.


We have bundled together several groups of items at deep discounts, to make your holiday shopping easy. Whether you are shopping for a beginner, more experienced player, one who goes along to spectate, or just a fun time on - or even off - the course, we’ve got a bundle for that. Choose from various accessory packs, stocking stuffers, and even a Skybreed Discs exclusive growler and pint glasses combo, making it easy for you to give unique gifts for every disc golfer on your list.


Disc retrievers are the real heroes, saving discs from certain doom when they end up in the most unlikely of places. They are a must have for playing in the woods or near water (in other words, for playing disc golf) and quickly pay for themselves by rescuing precious discs – over and over again. It is no wonder disc retrievers are one of our most popular accessories. Our top pick for the best disc golf disc retriever has to be the telescopic Kwik-Stik. With a patented frame head, the Kwik-Stik XXL will hold your disc firmly in it’s grasp to help you pull it out of those terrible lies. Your disc golfer is sure to be excited about their handy new Kwik-Stik.

#5 - BAGS

All these discs, gadgets, and accessories won’t carry themselves. Options for disc golf bags are almost endless, which can make it difficult to choose. We make it easy by breaking down our top picks for beginner, casual, and competition players.

Beginner Bags: These basic bags have enough room for the essentials. Our top pick for beginner bags is the Axiom Discs Shuttle Backpack, a stylish choice that comes in a variety of color options. For a more classic, traditional style, the Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack is also a great choice.

Our top budget pick for beginners is the Prodigy BP-4 Backpack. At a lower price point, it still has plenty of room for some discs and a beverage.

For the true minimalist, the MVP Disc Sports Cell Starter Bag is great for any player who only carries a few discs and not much else.

Casual Bags: These bags are best for players with a larger arsenal of discs and accessories that have outgrown beginner or starter bags. While they can certainly be used in competitive tournament play, we simply reserved the tournament category for larger bags with more pockets. Our top pick for casual play is the very popular Prodigy BP-2 V3.

A great budget option is the Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack – a great quality entry-level bag not to be taken lightly. We also love the comparable Discmania Fanatic 2 Backpack, which comes in a more classic black & white.

Tournament Bags: Serious competition requires some serious equipment. And pockets. Our top pick for players with all the gear is the Dynamic Discs Combat Ranger Backpack. This bag is high-quality and can carry it all – except ‘maybe’ the kitchen sink. If you can’t fit it in this bag, then you might not need it.

Our top budget pick is the Prodigy BP-1 V3 Backpack. With tons of room, this light-weight bag is a great option for the most serious (or just seriously well prepared) players.

The Dynamic Discs Sniper Messenger Disc Golf Bag is a unique option that works well as a beginner shoulder bag but also works well to provide expanded storage if you have a creative and handy disc golfer that can mount it to a cart.

Practice bags: In a category of their own, practice bags are a great gift idea for those who have it all and then some. These duffel-style bags, like the Prodigy Practice Bag V2 hold plenty of extra discs (back-ups, anyone?) for toting to tournaments or the practice field – or just to get them off the garage floor. Does your disc golfer prefer Latitude 64 or Dynamic Discs? That’s ok – they make practice bags too. These are so handy, most of our staff members have (at least) one. Some of us may even have a few. We might have issues though…

#6 - CARTS

Carts are one of the best accessories in the game. The MVP Rover Disc Golf Cart with MVP Nucleus Bag is everything you need to tote your gear wherever it needs to go. Does your recipient already have a bag? Well, the Nucleus bag also makes a great practice bag or storage for backup discs, so your golfer will still get plenty of use out of the set. The MVP Rover Cart is well-constructed to handle a variety of terrain, lightweight, and has a collapsible handle for travel. We are having a hard time finding a reason not to own one.


Portable disc golf baskets (aka “targets”) serve two purposes. First, there is nothing quite like the ‘crash’ of the chains when sinking a putt, so they are a great way to bring the fun home. Second, one of the most challenging aspects of the sport of disc golf for most of us is the accuracy needed on the putting green. Skilled putting takes a lot of practice, so these baskets are a great way to build these skills.

Our top pick for the best overall portable disc golf basket goes to the MVP Black Hole Pro Portable Basket with Transit Carrying Case. In addition to being a well-constructed and durable target, it has a few available accessories that put it over the top – like the Transit storage/carrying case that comes with this version, and the optional Precision Conversion Kit that converts it into a narrower chain configuration to help players hone their putting precision and accuracy.

Our top budget pick is the Axiom Light Portable Basket. True to the style of Axiom Discs, it is available in a variety of vibrant colors, and is a great quality basket for the price.


There are many options for accessories to help a player’s game, so you are sure to find something for any taste and budget. Towels, mini-markers, disc retrievers, dry bags, reusable water bottles, stainless steel growlers, hats, and beanies are all useful disc golf gift ideas. Some accessories come in specially priced bundles, such as the Accessory Bundle, which includes a towel, mini-marker, koozie, and mini sharpie, and the Water Bottle Bundle, which includes a water bottle, towel, and mini-marker. Whether you are looking for a main gift or just a little something to round out your gift giving, you can find it here.


Here are some handy disc golf gift ideas that fit conveniently into stockings. Gift cards, mini-markers, dry bags, mini-retrievers, water bottles, towels, and Ript card games. There are many smaller accessory options, and we offer specially priced Skybreed Discs Accessory Bundle that includes a towel, mini-marker, koozie, and mini sharpie, and Ript Bundle that includes both the Ript Revenge and Ript Showdown card games, two mini markers, and two koozies, which makes it great for sharing...the perfect disc golf stocking stuffers!


Simply give the gift of disc golf and let them customize their own selections.

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