Upcoming New Releases & Restocks

New inventory is uploaded daily so not every restock is covered here, but here are a few you may want to keep an eye out for, and what to expect from each of the manufacturers as we all navigate these times of unprecedented growth of the sport & demand. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and sign up for our newsletter for more updates. Sometimes new releases & restocks are gone before we can make an announcement, so be sure to check back often.


(See MVP/Axiom/Streamline)


Now available! First Flight HypercaneSignature Line Blowfly 1, Proline Banzai, Proline Hurricane, and SP Line Breaker. Tour Series lineup: Shasta Chriss ProLine Hurricane, Matt Bell Ice Banzai, and Trevor Harbolt Swirly ProLine Breaker.

The new DGA Hypercane is a fast and overstable distance driver with great glide and significant fade. With a similar rim width to the DGA Hurricane, you will feel confident and comfortable with this disc in your hand. Whether it's for backhand, forehand, or overhand, the Hypercane has the stability you can count on even in the windiest of conditions! All First Flight ProLine Hypercanes feature artwork by John Dorn.


Now available: Royal Rage II & Exo Soft Logic

Available now: Active Line Shogun, Astronaut, and RockstarEarth Day 2021 Recycled Throw & Catch Disc, 2021 version of the Fanatic 2 Bag.


Restocks: Retailers are no longer able to order specific disc molds from Discraft, but may opt to receive an allotment of random discs every 2-3 weeks. We are scheduled to receive Discraft's maximum allotment of 100 discs approximately every 2-3 weeks. We have no way to see exactly when, what is coming, or how many. Inventory will be uploaded as it is received. It usually sells out as we are posting it to the website and we do not get a chance to make an announcement. Non-disc items will be restocked as they are available.

Last Restock: 6/11/2021

As a major sponsor of the 2021 Ledgestone Insurance Open, Skybreed Discs will be your source for these special run Discraft molds. There is some limited availability remaining of Ledgestone Insurance Open Wave 1 & 2.

ETA July: Ledgestone Insurance Open Wave 3. 


We are excited to welcome Westside Discs sponsored Erika Stinchcomb to the team in 2021! Now available: Erika's 2021 Tour Series Hybrid Sword, as well as some cool custom Tour of AmErika stamped selections from Dynamic Discs, shirts, and towels to support Erika on tour. 

Limited Availability: Royal Grand Rive First Run, Eco Zero Pure, Lucid Evader First RunLucid Renegade LE Stamp, Team Series lineup: Lucid-X Glimmer EMAC Truth Eric McCabeLucid-X Glimmer Felon Eric OakleyLucid-X Glimmer Maverick Zach MeltonLucid-X Glimmer Verdict Chris ClemonsOpto-X Glimmer Ballista Pro Albert TammOpto-X Glimmer Pure Kristin Tattar.

Now available: Lucid Evader, Fuzion Sergeant, Prime EMAC Judge, and Classic Blend EMAC Judge.


DELAYED - Expected 6/14/2021: Drew Gibson Signature Penrose.

EV-7 Penrose Putter - available now in OG Soft, OG Base, OG Medium, and OG Firm. This Spring it will be available in a premium plastic.


Limited availability: Dave Feldberg Metal Flake Glow C-Blend Pharaoh, and our Rav3n triple foil custom stamps in a variety of molds.


We are restocking Innova's maximum allotment monthly, so keep checking back.


Restocks: We are restocking Kastaplast's maximum allotment, approximately every 2-3 weeks. It often sells out as we are posting it to the website, and we do not always get a chance to make an announcement.

Last Restock: 6/8/2021


(See Dynamic Discs/Latitude 64/Westside)


Limited Availability: Legacy Color Glow Enemy & Rival, and Legend plastic in a variety of molds.


We will add more inventory as soon as it is available. In the meantime, Royal Plastic Profit and Longhorn are available now.


A large restock is currently being processed and added to the site, and another is on the way. There is limited availability of the new Axiom Neutron Crave Sarah Hokom Signature Series, and Streamline Cosmic Neutron Trace Sarah Hokom Signature Series.


June: Large restocks have been ordered and will be added to the site as soon as they are available, including the 2021 Tour Series lineup.

Last Restock: 6/9/2021


(See MVP/Axiom/Streamline)


Limited Availability: Ethereal Mantra with our Rav3n triple foil custom stamp. More Thought Space Athletics will be restocked as soon as they are available.


(See Dynamic Discs/Latitude 64/Westside)


June-July: Kwik-Stiks. The new and improved Kwik-Stik XL is now threaded and includes both heads. Mini Kwik-Stiks are also expected to be restocked in May.

July: Rovic RV1D Carts are expected to be available late July.

Now available: Ript Showdown.