Ravenshire Disc Golf Course

Ravenshire Disc Golf Course is located on private property in rural Indiana, just off of SR46 between Terre Haute and Bloomington. The temporary layout is open to play for the 2020 season, with plans to expand to a longer 18+ hole course by the end of the year. The course also features an on-site pro shop, Skybreed Discs, with a large selection of inventory, including new and used discs, bags, carts, and apparel, as well as concessions and snacks so you can spend the entire day on the course.

For the 2020 season, donations are accepted in lieu of course fees, with plans to become pay-to-play when the permanent course is completed. Due to COVID restrictions, please call ahead at this time.

Ravenshire Disc Golf Course
3163 Mitten Rd
Bowling Green, IN 47833
(812) 859-4184