Bulk Orders Make Great Payouts

You need payouts for an event, but each manufacturer requires such a large investment, you are left with little selection and a lot of overhead. Skybreed Discs has your back!

How we can help:

  • Minimum orders with us start low – buy as little as 16 discs to start getting a bulk discount
  • We offer a large selection of manufacturers and molds for you to choose from
    • You mix and match
  • The more you buy, the more you save

How this helps you:

  • Saves money - obviously
  • Avoid the paperwork and hassle of establishing accounts with multiple manufacturers
  • Avoid minimum purchase amounts per manufacturer
    • Do you really need $200+ worth of discs from a single manufacturer?
  • Save 48%* on shipping costs
    • All the discs you need, from all of the manufacturers you want, all sent to you at one time – no paying shipping on orders from ‘each’ manufacturer


Email us at info@skybreed-discs.com or message us on Facebook to find out more or to get your bulk order started.


Looking for a more hands-off event vending experience? Check out our vending services page to see what else we can do.

*Savings are on average and based on simulated results. Actual results may vary.