Bulk Orders Make Great Payouts

As a tournament director, you make a lot of tough calls. This isn't one of them. We know that great payouts make great events, and lead to increased signups and participation for events. The problem is that each brand requires such a large investment, you are left with little selection, or a lot of overhead. 

Skybreed Discs has your back! You can get all the selection you need, from all the brands you want, sent to you at one time - no more filing paperwork, placing multiple minimum orders, and paying shipping fees for 'each' manufacturer!

  • Save 48%* on shipping costs
  • Minimum orders with us start low
  • Mix and match brands - We offer a large selection of manufacturers and molds to choose from
  • Avoid minimum purchase amounts per manufacturer. Do you really need $200 worth of discs of a single brand?
  • The more you buy, the more you save
  • Avoid the paperwork and hassle of establishing accounts with multiple manufacturers

Email us at info@skybreed-discs.com or message us on Facebook to find out more or to get your bulk order started.


Looking for a more hands-off event vending experience? Check out our vending services page to see what else we can do.

*Savings are on average and based on simulated results. Actual results may vary.