Upcoming New Releases & Restocks!

Posted by Lora Taylor on

We have added a very useful page to the site - Upcoming New Releases & Restocks - on the website under the heading 'News & Events'. This is your best source for news about what's coming & when.

It is difficult to keep you informed solely with social media announcements (or prevent them from all sounding alike) when new inventory is uploaded to the website daily, and nearly everything is 'limited' these days due to the surge in demand. Some restocks show up unannounced, like our scheduled 2-3 week Discraft allotment, and some sell out as we are posting them to the website, before we can even make an announcement (looking at you, Discraft and Kastaplast). We will do our best to post what we do know about on this page, and update it as we have more info.

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